How to Avoid Sex in a Relationship – Here’s 3 Powerful Strategies

Many young girls and even some boys want to know how to avoid sex in a relationship. If you are not aware of this, many youngsters now prefer to abstain from sex before marriage. The risk of unwanted pregnancies and the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are deterring a lot of wise youngsters from engaging in sex before marriage. But a problem can arise when one of the partners in the relationship wants to abstain from sex while the other wants to go ahead. There is a potential for conflict here unless the person who wants to avoid sex knows how to deal with the situation. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, this article is just for you.

3 Powerful Strategies to help convince your partner to avoid sex in a relationship

1. Most youngsters do not think about the consequences of having sex before marriage. They are too immature to stop and think about things that can go awfully wrong after the sex act. The millions of teen pregnancies and the resulting abortions that take place around the globe on a daily basis happen primarily because young people don’t stop to think about the consequences of having sex before marriage. Every time you have sex, you give birth to a consequence which could be any of the following.

Nearly 50% of all youngsters between the ages of 15 and 24 indulging in sex before marriage will contract a sexually transmitted disease. This is an official finding made by the United States government. (The source of that information is given below the article). This means that every alternate couple having sex before marriage will end up having a sexually transmitted disease. The really sad thing is most young people are not aware of this alarming fact. You can use these statistics as a deterrent to avoid having sex with your partner. Show these statistics to your partner and take the decision together to abstain from sex.

2. What do you do if your partner is not convinced? It is your health and your life that is at stake. If you contract a sexually transmitted disease, will your partner look after you or pay your medical bills? In fact you need to ask yourself several important questions, and answer those questions as honestly as you possibly can. Just think about this. Can you say for sure that your partner is not infected with any kind of sexually transmitted disease? Do you have any kind of medical evidence to prove it? Do you know for sure that your partner doesn’t have sex with anyone else? Or if they have had sex with even one more individual apart from you, can you be sure that that individual is not infected? Can you really handle a pregnancy or an abortion at this age? You need to ponder over these questions and answer them truthfully. You then need to make a quality decision. The decision that you take can literally save your life.

3. Many people are deceived with the idea of “safe sex”. But in reality, there is no such thing called “safe sex”. It is just a myth. There is abundant proof that condoms do not always prevent AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. There is also evidence that pregnancies cannot be totally avoided with the use of pills, condoms and diaphragms. So many women still get pregnant after adopting these birth control methods. So a pregnancy can still happen, even after you have taken all these precautions. But still worse, you can end up contracting AIDS or some other life threatening disease. You need to decide whether the price you pay for a few moments of pleasure in bed has to be an unwanted pregnancy or a life-threatening disease. You can verify the statistics mentioned in this article at The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief website.

What Non-Married Same Sex and Heterosexual Couples Need to Know When Immigrating to Canada

When applying for immigration to Canada via Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) you must always have a principal applicant. This is the person who can fulfill the criteria of the particular immigration route you are choosing. It does not have to be the head of the household, nor does it have to be the male in a mixed sex relationship. You should look at the criteria and determine which family member will gain the most points or have the correct work history in order to qualify.

The principal applicant can then name spouses and dependent children as family members to be included in their application. Many people wrongly assume that a couple has to be heterosexual and married in order for their relationship to be recognized by CIC as valid, but this is not the case. CIC recognizes common-law relationships as well as same-sex relationships, but you do have to be aware of certain criteria that have to be met in order for your relationship to be accepted.

CIC Definitions:

Spouse: Two people of opposite or same-sex in a legally recognized marriage.
Common-law: Two people of opposite or same-sex who are living in a conjugal relationship and have been doing so continuously for at least one year.
Conjugal: Two people who live together and have significant commitment to one another i.e. financial, emotional, children etc.

Some issues may arise when applying for immigration to Canada that may never have been a factor before and could actually prevent the CIC from recognizing your relationship as common-law. If you know before hand what these issues might be you can prepare in advance and get your affairs in order so that when the time comes you have no problems proving your relationship. Muchmor Canada Magazine outlines the main problems and how you can prevent them.

When CIC accepts common-law relationships both heterosexual and gay or lesbian it has to receive proof from the couple that their relationship is real and not being used for the benefit of immigration. This means that you will need to prove that your relationship is conjugal. Evidence that you share a home, support each other financially, are in an emotional relationship and perhaps have children will all be taken into account.

This might not sound as if it could be a problem, but lets take a look at a couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Jack and Ben are a gay couple who have been in a relationship for six years and have been living as a common-law couple for four years. Jack owned the property they live in before he met Ben and all the bills, mortgage etc are in his name only. Ben contributes toward the food and general living expenses as well as holidays the couple take. They each have separate bank accounts. This arrangement has worked well for them both and they have seen no reason to change.

Problem: Because on paper Ben has no connection to the property they live in there is no proof that they are living as a couple, other than their “word.” Although Ben pays as much financially into the relationship he has no bills, mortgage or household costs that can be shown to the CIC. Neither do they share a bank account and do they have no obvious financial commitment to each other. Therefore this may give rise to CIC rejecting their common-law relationship and refusing their application.

Scenario 2:

Mark and Sue have lived together for two years. Mark works full-time and is the only earner in the home as Sue is a stay-at-home mum to a daughter she has by another relationship. Mark has always looked after the bills and rent and Sue’s name is not on any of the official documentation i.e. rent, utility bills etc. They do have a joint bank account, but this is used for savings and holidays and not for the payment of household bills which come out of a bank account in Mark’s name only.

Problem: As with Scenario 1 CIC could refuse to accept their common-law relationship as on paper Sue has no connection to the joint home and cannot prove commitment to the relationship. Although they share a bank account, this does not prove a relationship as any two individuals can open a join bank account without being in a relationship. Remember all the bills come out of an account in Mark’s name.

Scenario 3:

Sally lives with her same-sex partner Amy in a rented apartment. The rental agreement is in Sally’s name as she lived there before she met Amy about 18 months ago. The rent includes all utilities, so no living expenses other than groceries and everyday living costs are payable. If they add Amy to the rental agreement it will prompt a new contract being put in place, increasing their monthly rent, so they have left things as they are. They both have separate bank accounts.

Problem: Once again one partner in the relationship cannot prove that they are in any way committed to the relationship or the property they live in. Again CIC could refuse to accept this relationship and refuse their application.


Fortunately most of these issues can be easily rectified well in advance of you needing to supply the information to CIC. By following Muchmor Canada Magazine suggestions you can prevent problems.

The key to this is preparation and timing. As soon as you know you will want to apply for immigration to Canada you should look at mortgage or rental agreements, utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, internet, television etc. bank accounts and investments. Make a list and note who’s name is included on each.

The next thing is to try to get as many of these items in both names as possible. Some will be easier than others, but perhaps the easiest is a joint bank account which you then use to pay your bills. If you can show that both your incomes go into one account and all your expenses are paid from that account it helps prove financial commitment to one another and a shared liability for the “marital” home.

Next try to add the additional name onto utility bills. Some companies will do this readily, others may take some patience and paperwork. If you cannot get all changed over, don’t worry. As long as you can show that many of your bills are in joint names this is okay. After all even legally married couples don’t always have all their bills in both names.

The biggest obstacle will be mortgage or rental agreements as these will require a legal change and may it may be to your financial disadvantage to change them. This is something you will have to discuss with your mortgage lender or landlord. Again if you cannot easily get this changed, do not despair. As long as you can get a joint bank account in place and can prove you share all or most of the household expenses you should be good to go.

The CIC understands that not every couple married or common-law will share absolutely everything. Many married couples still have separate bank accounts or pay separate bills or only have one wage earner who pays everything. But it is taken for granted that a married couple living in the same house are financially and emotionally committed to each other. The same consideration is not extended to common-law couples who rightly, or wrongly have to prove this fact.

Because CIC require you to be in a common-law relationship for at least one year before applying, you should get all these things in order as soon as possible. The information you give on your application needs to be relevant at the time you complete it, not at the time you expect it to be processed by CIC.

Always read, re-read and read again the application criteria to make sure you are complying correctly. It is easier to start things off right than to have to correct things later which may delay your processing time, or mean it gets rejected altogether.

As with most things, preparation and planning are key.

52 Ways to Rev Up Your Relationship

So, you are feeling bored with your relationship. The excitement of a new relationship has given way to the same old same old? Well, don’t despair! Relationships need to be nurtured. Why not see how the following 52 relationship rev-ups can help. Give your lover the thoughtfulness and dedication he or she deserves. . . hey– you deserve this too; so let’s see if you can’t kick that dull love life into high gear! Here’s what you can do:

1. Try a new nickname for your sweetheart. Sounds simple right? Well, calling your lover/husband/wife by a new endearing name signals that you might have something fresh on your mind. Give it some thought—what have you heard lovers call each other that has made you smile? If you can’t think of anything, listen to how people address one another when they are out in public, or on television, in movies. Think about their hobbies, what they look like, what they love to eat, a special fragrance, places they adore. . . you get the idea. I’ve heard people call one another some very odd names, as well as some really fun names—it has to feel right to you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to try it. A simple “Hi, sexy lady!” or “Hey, loverboy” can go a long way if you are used to calling one another something like “honey” or “sweetie. “

2. Make a meal and serve it in a place other than the kitchen or dining room. You could make Sunday morning breakfast and serve it in bed. Or a picnic basket dinner and lay a blanket on the living floor by the fireplace. You might BBQ and enjoy a dinner or lunch that is all finger foods. Feed one another bites of this or that. Get creative! I’ve heard some interesting stories about food and love for sure. One couple couldn’t get enough quiet time together so the husband brought wine, cheese and crackers and caviar into their master bathroom and they nibbled as they soaked in a lovely warm bath. (chicken, grapes, crackers, veggies could work as well) use your imagination. Take food into the places that your teenaged chidren might think about if they were trying to find a ‘get a way” spot in the house. Maybe the basement or even the garage on a nice day. . . Change the environment, change the mood. I’ve had people tell me that they go on picnics at the cemetery, under a bandshell at the public park, at the playground, near a lake, in their own backyard, or an apartment rooftop. Look for a new “scene. “

3. Massage is a wonderful treat after a long day of work. Get some massage oil that you enjoy, put on some music that is pleasing, spread a few towels on the bed, or the floor, or even a couch. Start slowly and massage your partners feet and legs, neck and shoulders, back and then slowly get carried away and let things happen naturally, A surprise massage session can really make your partner light up. At first they might feel uncomfortable but after a few minutes of deep tissue massage they should succomb to the pleasure or your medicinal touch.

4. Play a game that you haven’t played before in your pajamas. Just get a board game, or a chess board, or cards, or play charades. If you can play together you will find yourselves laughing. Laughter is a wonderful healing tool that relaxes the entire body. There are so many games on the market – there will be something fun and interesting for both of you.

5. Go to a sporting event and discover all of the excitement that a game can bring. There is something about being in a crowd of clapping and cheering people that can really get your heart pumping and your primal instincts surfacing. It’s fun to attend a game that you both enjoy. Even eating hot dogs and soda or beer can be enough of a change from your “routine” to make your partner remember how much fun it is to be with you.

6. Kiss your partner in places you haven’t in the longest while – or maybe ever. We often go through life in a relationship doing the same old things. We might have the same approach in lovemaking or caressing each other. Even that becomes boring – so why not just concentrate on kissing one night or afternoon. Kiss your partners neck and ears and inner thighs. Kiss his or her’s shoulders, fingers, forehead. Feel the closeness and the excitement and maybe even the discomfort of kissing different body parts. Expand your anatomical horizons and just kiss. You might even try making your lips warm or cold. Kiss each other until kissing is just not enough – or leave it at that. Go with the mood – and be respectful of your partner’s wishes at all times. Kissing is a pleasure and tastes and fragrances are always a plus!

7. Watch a sexy movie together. Think about a movie that really had you thinking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an “X” rated movie–one that is sexy but not vulgar. Is there a love story that you’ve always enjoyed, or an action film with a relationship twist that got you aroused? Ask your partner what movie really turns he or she on and just sit and hold hands and watch a movie. You’d be surprised how two people watching a sexy movie can heat things up right on the spot. You might not even make it to the bedroom–and won’t that be fun!

8. Leave a love note. When your lover would least expect it, try leaving a sexy or sweet message on the mirror. You can use lipstick or a simple sticky note to get your message across. What do you say? Try saying something about what you are looking forward to doing later – or how beautiful your lover looks in the morning – or how his or her eyes capture your heart over and over – or how much fun it will be to come home tonight and. . . – or just wanted to say you are the best thing that has happened to me – or – I love waking up next to you every day – or – know that while you are at work I will be having thoughts of what we did last night – or – just snuggling with you last night made all the difference – or – your lips and your kisses will play over and over in my mind all day – or – I know your presentation will be spectacular — or — I’ll be thinking about your smile all day –or –I know I’m the luckiest lady/man in the world because of you –or –you take me to places I never knew existed – or –just you and I tonight–no kids—or simply–I love you!

9. Send a surprise bouquet for no reason. It is always nice to receive flowers or some kind of a gift basket when you least expect it. Thoughtful gestures like this for no obvious reason are lovely and appreciated. Remember the feeling of getting an unexpected gift? When people have been together for a while they tend to forget to send little surprise gifts – and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. Look for specials–or if nothing else you can stop at a local supermarket and bring home an inexpensive bouquet or candy or bottle of wine to share later. It is the gesture that matters most.

10. Celebrate the beginning of something- Has your spouse or lover just started taking a class? Do you have a grandchild on the way? What about a promotion? Change of job? Decision to move? Find things to celebrate and make those moments special.

11. Meet for a lunch date. Often times people go through their work day and forget about the person they love at home–kind of “out of sight – out of mind. ” Make a date with your spouse or lover and meet them during your work day for a quick lunch or a picnic in the park. Make it short and sweet and finish things later at home.

12. Have a “quickie” during the day. If you live within driving distance of your home and can get away for a quick “roll in the hay” by all means do it! Or, meet your sweetheart (spouses and lovers only) at a local hotel for an afternoon delight. For heaven’s sake do not do anything too crazy like get caught having “fun” in a car —you don’t want to end up at the police station. Do-find exciting places for naughty fun!

13. Meet for drinks at a bar/restaurant. Pretend that you have never met before and schedule a rendezvous. Find your lover sitting at the bar and flirt first. Order drinks and just play with the scene. Remember the fist time you met and how it felt. What were you thinking back then? How did you ask him/her out? What was it that attracted you? Dress in a way that is outside your norm. I know some women that have gone so far as to change hair color just for extra fun!

14. Go to a Kareoke Bar and take part! Doing something like this let your partner know that you can have fun and let your hair down. Being silly and singing old songs can be a ton of fun! Have drinks if you wish or not –what matters most is that you force yourself to get up and sing no matter what–maybe the two of you sing a duet–whatever works.

15. Shop for lingerie together. Do you know what your husband/lover likes to see on you before intimate moments? Is he someone who is turned on by just a bathrobe, bra and panties, high black boots, garters – see through neglige? What do you want to see him in? Do you like him to leave his underwear on and take them off for him? What about a towel wrapped around his waist? Shopping for sexy garments can heat things up later.

16. Snuggle on the couch. Lay between his legs, or have his head in your lap. Just rest quietly and try NOT to get aroused. It will be difficult if the chemistry is still strong. Remember the feeling of being a teenager and the excitement that you felt just being next to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just keep the connection and do nothing other than hold one another.

17. Cook a meal together and entertain a few friends. Working with your lover in the kitchen can be lots of fun (it can also be a nightmare if you make things too involved) Keep the menu simple –Keep the laughter and the mood light. Be with people that know how to have a good time – those that make you laugh. At the end of the evening you will have much to reminisce about before bed. Taking happy memories to the bedroom can create an “up” mood.

18. Leave a sexy voice message on your sweetheart’s cell phone. It is so nice to playback your voice messages and hear your lover’s voice. Make the most of every chance you have to connect with your lover. . . audio, visual, tactile. Flirt with your lover in your message–say something he or she can “expect” later that day or when you return from your trip. Remember being single and all of those things that you would say to gain their interest.

19. Watch home movies together. doesn’t sound sexy? Well, you might be wrong. When you are truly interested in your loved one’s life that includes all the things he or she experienced before knowing you. Afterall, learning about his or her family, school chums, accomplishments, things that were and perhaps still are important to them is good to know. The closer you become on all levels the sexier your relationship will be. Loving someone completely is what true love is all about.

20. Get wet together. Make time to shower together, take a relaxing jacuzzi bath, or soaker tub bath. Go swimming in a private pool, or sit in a hot tub and just relax for at least 20 minutes. No words just glances, just soft touches. If possible add Epsom Salt to the water and just let your muscles relax. . . the peace of soaking in a tub with someone you love is beautiful. Add candles and flowers or some other fragrance to the room. Music (of course do NOT bring electronic equipment near the water) playing in the background can also bring a chance of seductive mood.

21. Sit under the stars and dream together. Just sitting outside under the stars is romantic. Not often enough do we take the time to appreciate the beauty of a night sky. Do some star-gazing—it is literally amazing to contemplate the vastness of space, the constellations, and the infinite possibilities of life in space. Some of the most beautiful skies I have personally seen in the USA were in the following spaces. . . Sedona, AZ, Hawaii – Maui, Colorado – many places, Montana, New Mexico, Upperl peninsula Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern California, Washington – outside Seattle, Oregon and right in my backyard outside Chicago. If you live in the city you might be lucky enough to have a patio on the rooftop. Imagine that of all of the people in the world the two of you came together.

22. Go to the forest preserves for a walk or visit a wildlife sanctuary. Getting out for a walk especially on a pretty path in the forest preserves or in a national park can be exhilorating. Being outside in the sun, holding hands, appreciating nature can bring you closer. Because of work schedules and responsibilities you may not take time to just be amongst nature, the animals, the colors, sounds, the fragrances all add much to the experience. Imagine that not that long ago there were no high rises, no office buildings, really no homes the way we live today. Imagine how different life was then. Talk about that.

23. Visit a mall. There is usually something for everyone at a large mall. Do some dreaming and just window shop, have a cup of coffee – make it something decadent, or some herbal tea, and just take in the scene. Outdoor malls can be alot of fun when the weather permits. Look for something you both hope to purchase one day. . . plan for the future; maybe it is a certain mattress, or a new bedspread. . . or a pair of dress shoes or a briefcase for that new job.

24. Read poetry to your lover- When is the last time you read a beautiful poem? Have you ever read a beautiful or meaningful poem to the person you love? It is very sexy to listen to your lover read a passage from a favorite book or poetry. Find a poem that is meaningful to you and/or your lover –why not even memorize it and recite it if you can. But if not, just keep a poetry book by the bedside and read a line or two a few nights a week – or even just once in a while if that works best.

25. Write a song for someone you love – or write a poem if music isn’t your thing, try your hand at writing a poem and then sneak the poem either under your lover’s dinner plate, or slip it into their briefcase or pocket, or purse. What most makes you smile about your lover? What makes him or her special, different, how do they make you feel? Your lover will be honored that you thought enough to take the time to do something like this. I know some couples that write songs for each other for each birthday. He happens to play the guitar and she plays the piano. Doesn’t matter if you can play an instrument or not – just the lyrics will improve the feelings between you.

26. Visit an adult sex toy shop together: Don’t feel weird about visit a place that specializes in spicing up your bedroom activities. It’s fun and interesting to see all of the gadgets that have been developed to make your experience really hot! There are probably toys you have never heard of—they seem to make improvements all of the time. Whatever you do, always be extra careful about using toys and reusing them. . . disinfect right away and take precaution not to contaminate as you might imagine. There are usually experienced staff members (as awful as that might sound to you) who know how all of the little toys work and which ones might work better for you and your partner. They also have books to help get you in the mood and movies as well. Always be certain that your partner agrees to try something different.

27. Try a sex position that you haven’t before. Yes, there are probably more positions than the average couple can think of. That’s why it helps to look at books, and movies that can give you some ideas. Man on top and girl on the bottom can get boring –just like girl on top and guy on bottom for some couples. Or for those in same sex relationships —toys can make things alot more fun, as can different positions – but you really have to get more creative. Have you ever taken your partner from behind while leaning over a couch? What about having sex while sitting in a chair? There are swings too for the daring. You can face each other and recline on your side with heads on pillow and enjoy a face to face and more comfortable position for a change too.

28. Bring fruit into the bedroom. Sucking on a piece of fruit while your lover watches can be a turn on. Putting whipped cream on your partner, or chocolate, or dusting sugar on that special spot can bring more pleasure and make you stay put a longer time- which is often what women for sure tend to need. Another way to use fruit in the bedroom is to first be certain that you wash the fruit thoroughly, then, put a dark colored towel down where you are going to make love. Squeeze the juice from the fruit – like a raspberry or strawberry onto the genitalia and then enjoy the flavor while your partner enjoys the feeling. Also – taking cooled berries and other fruit pieces into the bedroom to feed to one another and then kiss each other is fun too.

29. Use flavored lipsticks. Lipsticks are good for several reasons – first wearing a flavored (natural ones are best) lipstick is really sexy and slippery for kissing any body part. Then, roll the flavored lipstick over your nipples ladies—guys love that! When your lover walks in the door –surprise him with a wet/wild/rich tasting lipgloss kiss.

30. Go out for appetizers at several different places – instead of having dinner. Restaurant hoping for appetizers is really a sexy and fun thing to do. Try things you haven’t had before and drink different types of wine or beer with your selections. When you come home talk about what you liked best. . . was it the shape, the fragrance, the taste, the combination–relive the experience and enjoy doing something new with your lover.

31. Tell each other your sexual fantasies In relationships we are often afraid to tell our partners what really makes us feel pretty or handsome or sexy or excited. If you could write the most erotic sex scene what would it look like? Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing? What would your lover be doing to you?

32. Sit by a lake and have a picnic Pack a simple dinner or lunch or breakfast and sit by a beautiful lake in a safe national park or forest preserve area. Listen to the sounds around, feel the sunshine, remember the feeling of being younger and taking your date out after Prom perhaps or for a first sexy date. As you lay on the blanket look at the trees, flowers, birds, the sky and each other as you become part of the backdrop of your surroundings. Just breathing the beautiful sweet air in an area filled with purifying trees and shrubs and flowers can be incredibly sexy.

33. In the winter –go skiing or sledding, or even ice skating if you can. The colors and cool air the thrill of moving downhill as you hold one another is always exciting. Enjoying activities outdoors no matter what the weather is a fun thing to do. Don’t let weather put a damper on your life —bring an umbrella – sit by a fire if you can’t ski, and take part in the apres activities that bring so many colorful people together. Nature warm or cold, dry or wet is beautiful.

34. Sit in a coffee shop inside of a book store and look at new hairstyles with your lover. Think about doing something different. If you find a hair style/color that you both like on one or the other, you might even decide to get yourself a new “do. ” Changing hair colors or styles can do much to punch up your love life. If you have longer hair and cut it shorter, or grow out your shorter cut for something longer -change can be uplifting.

35 Send a romantic greeting card to your lover’s office and be sure to mark it “personal and confidential” incase your partner has an assistant that opens his or her mail. These types of surprises reallly seem to help keep the fire going. Make it a card that says much or little —you know your partner best. Send something that lets your significant other know you think about them even when you are apart.

36. Leave a lightly scented post-it note in your lover’s brief case or wallet. Write something tantalizing and short.

37. Give each other a foot massage. One of the nicest feelings you can have is a warm foot massage. Take your time, perhaps have some music going – your favorite beverage–ask your partner to close his/her eyes and just succumb to the pleasure of foot manipulation. It can really be the beginning of total relaxation.

38. Shampoo or massage. Ask your lover to put his/her head in your lap and give your parter a scalp massage. Gently rub the temples, the forehead, the back of the head. Just imagine the feeling of having your head massaged when you visit the hair salon. Actually getting a scalp massage in the tub while relaxing together is great. Try this: sit behind your partner and allow he or she to rest his/her head on your chest. Give them a slow shampoo being careful not to get soap in their eyes. You can wrap a small warm handcloth across the forehead to keep the soap bubbles away.

39. Cuddle in bed before you rise in the morning. Wrap your legs and arms around one another – pull in close- hopefully there are two naked bodies touching. If not at least remove your tops so that you can feel the skin to skin contact. It is one of the nicest feelings to snuggle before taking off for your day.

40. Before your partner leaves in the morning – tell he or she what you want to do to him/her that night. Rest assured he or she will be thinking about that all day – or at least on and off throughout the day.

41. Change your typical sex routine. If you always grab her breasts first – start by licking and/or kissing her neck, or ears. Make kissing a longer part of what you do prior to the act itself. Rub her or his inner thighs- start with a neck massage. Take a feather or your finger and just lightly run it over the outline of your partner’s face, chest. Suck his fingers for a few minutes.

42. Eating dinner in an outside cafe can be really sexy. It doesn’t have to be fancy either. Just a sandwich or a salad or soup in the midst of a metropolitan atmosphere can do it. The sunlight on your skin – in your hair – the sounds of the city – the warm breezes- you lightly dressed perhaps showing more skin than usual. Even glistening skin is alluring. Do your hair up and let him see your face for a change – or wear a skirt rather than jeans. Just do it differently and keep life interesting.

43. Sunbathe together. Wear the right tanning lotion – and protect those peepers, but sunbathing can be greatly uplifting especially in parts of the country where sunlight is a hot commodity.

44. Skip work one day or cancel an appointment if you can and go do something with your lover instead. . Maybe it’s a movie, the theatre, a walk by the beach, a bike ride, take a short train ride to a neighboring city for lunch. Cancelling an appointment that can be postponed just to spend extra time with your lover send a wonderful message that you care enough to rearrange your life to keep the relationship hot!

45. Tickle each other – Something simple like making each other laugh and begging your partner to stop can lead to foreplay. Men – foreplay is alot more than simply touching, kissing, and saying sexy things. It starts long before you see her. And women, don’t make things too demanding on the men either. Start romancing each other long before you get home if possible.

46. Garden together – don’t think that’s sexy? Ask some of the people who have tried it. Digging in the dirt and getting down and dirty together is really fun. Spending the day planting some new flowers together and accomplishing a fresh new look and curb appeal is great. It doesn’t need to be grueling either – just set aside a couple of hours on a saturday or Sunday and plant something. Then shower together – and make lemonade or limeade or iced tea to quench your thirst.

47. Take a hot air balloon ride if you can afford it. Do this for a special celebration – birthday, anniversary, new job, graduation. . . It isn’t cheap, but it is something you will never forget. Soaring above the tree tops feeling like a bird gliding through the air is truly exhilarating.

48. Help your lover get undressed. Taking articles of clothing off can really set you up for passion. The anticipation of undressing someone is terrific. So be sure you are always dressed in sexy clothes down to the panties.

49. Order a sex book online and have it delivered to your home. Request brown paper packaging. – look at it together and get creative. It can open your mind for new possibilities.

50. Surprise your lover–with a lap dance or striptease. If you are generally the shy type he or she will be thoroughly surprised. Imagine rubbing up against your partner clothes on – he or she will want to grab you for sure!

51. Write a love letter,,Receiving a handwritten love letter is a wonderful feeling.

52. Take a walk in the rain— on a sunny day and look for rainbows. Kissing in the rain is fun–in fact just plain ole’ walking in the rain without an umbrella is liberating. Never do this if there are thunderstorms or a chance of lightening -but that should go without saying.

You could add skads of ideas to the list above – be creative when it comes to loving your partner. Life is so much more interesting and exciting when you give one another the freedom it takes to make a relationship spectacular. Never “down” your partner for trying something new – appreciate he or she for all of the uniqueness that can be his or hers alone. Most importantly, respect each other and give one another as stress-free a life as possible. Don’t whine about your day – when you come home. Make home life as happy as possible. If there are important things to discuss wait until both of you have been able to unwind from your day.

Love is a gift – appreciate it – savor it – enjoy every moment. Do your part to spice up your relationship no matter how many years you have been together. Surprises never get old if they are different. We can all recreate ourselves each moment – each day. Listen intently when your partner talks – try never to criticize. Hug one another often and say I love you every day. Remember this as well, words are never as powerful as actions – so back up your words by showing your loved one that you mean it.

Enjoy life – enjoy love!